Orlando Law Practice Focused on Family and Related Matters

At Ashley Filimon, P.A., the client is the focus of every interaction. We focus on delivering quality customer service while advocating for the best legal results possible. We tailor each legal experience to meet individual client needs and goals. Whether the need is building or changing your family dynamic or preparing for the future through estate planning or real estate, your specific issues will be addressed efficiently and confidentially. As your legal person, our attorneys work for you.

At Ashley Filimon P.A., we provide a welcoming environment where you can talk about your legal matters freely and openly. Recognizing that legal issues related can be emotional and uncertain, we will approach your important legal matter with understanding and discretion.

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Are You Placing Your Baby for Adoption?

If you are pregnant and want to place your baby for adoption, contact Ashley Filimon, P.A. for an individual experience. We focus on your needs and your baby’s needs while giving you all of the choices you deserve. Choose from an open or closed adoption. No matter the type of adoption you desire, Ashley Filimon, P.A. is able to work with you and the adoptive family to come to a written agreement that benefits all parties. Choose any type of adoptive family you desire – Ashley Filimon, P.A. doesn’t approach adoption with judgment. We work with families of all types, sizes and structures. Feel confident in your choice and treasured during your pregnancy.

Call or Text today for your individual adoption experience… 321-263-7747 (Dedicated Birth Mother Line)

Building Trust With Our Clients, Serving The Best Interests Of Each Child

Orlando family lawyer Ashley Filimon believes that establishing long-term relationships with clients is paramount. Face-to-face contact is vital to build strong relationships between an attorney and client. If personal meetings are not possible, Ashley Filimon will meet clients via Internet conferencing programs like Skype or FaceTime.

Ashley Filimon focuses on the best interests of children. Because of her involvement with the community and children, many people come to Ashley for help with child custody and support, divorce and adoption. As an adoptive parent, she knows firsthand about the emotions involved when making decisions regarding children.

To schedule a free initial consultation regarding a family legal matter of any kind, call Ashley Filimon P.A. at 407-278-8448 or contact us by email.