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Whether you are the birth mother or an adopting couple, LegalPerson understands the sacrifices you are faced with in making these life-changing decisions. We applaud your heroism for taking the steps necessary to secure a child's future. Our LegalPerson adoption team is the bridge that helps you establish this foundation along the way.

At LegalPerson, we believe in a full inclusion adoption process. We also respect the requests for privacy and confidentiality of those who wish to remain anonymous throughout the adoption process. Our network of adoption solutions is strengthened by our long-standing relationships with other agencies that can help connect birth moms with a variety of adoptive parents that include traditional and same-sex couples and single parents.



​My wife and I were referred to Ashley [Filimon] by a great friend of ours for a domestic private adoption. Ashley and her crew treated us like we were family. She and her staff have become part of our lives now. They helped us adopt our son and we could not be happier. They are very forthcoming about the whole process of adoption and very open and honest about what can and might occur. They fight for you and your family, and you can always count on them to do right by you. My wife and I would highly recommend Ashley [Filimon] and her services, and if we decide to grow our family a little more they are the first people we are turning to.






Considering adoption for your child is one of the most difficult and selfless decisions a birth mother can make. The LegalPerson team appreciates this sacrifice and believes it is important that birth moms feel included in the development and outcome of adoption plans to the greatest extent possible.

At LegalPerson, we focus on your needs and the needs of your baby while giving you all of the choices you deserve. Our team educates you on the differences of an open or closed adoption.  Understanding what's involved, what it all means, and keeping birth moms fully informed of the process prior to entering into an adoption plan is our main focus when working with birth mothers.

Recognizing that many birth moms struggle to make ends meet and your adoption decision is in part because you know you are unable to provide stability for an unborn child, we negotiate adoption plans between birth moms and adoptive parents to achieve the best adoption experience for all parties.

There is no judgment in adoption. LegalPerson supports your choice on the type of adoptive family you desire. We work with families of all types, sizes and structures. Feel confident in your choice as we provide a strong and nurturing team behind you. This is your pregnancy and we are here to support you through this journey.




Whether you are a traditional family or same-sex couple, the excitement of expanding your family is a celebratory time. It can also be an emotional rollercoaster when going through the adoption process. LegalPerson manages the adoption experience to minimize unwanted issues and communication to adoptive parents. Our team makes themselves available during non-office hours to deal with any unforeseen issues.

Because babies don't always arrive at the most convenient times, members of our LegalPerson team coordinate birth mom surrenders at the hospital during nights and weekends to assure that adoptive parents can take their bundles of joy home at the first possible moment. We work efficiently to gain a final judgment of adoption as close to the 90-day statutory period as possible and complete the process by amending the baby's birth certificate.

The LegalPerson team has experience with interstate adoptions and the interstate compact as well. We efficiently file interstate packets and maintain contact with the compact administrator to clear adoptions across state lines as quickly as possible. Our expertise also expands into working with international adoption dossier preparation and domestication.




Adoption doesn't have to be complicated for same-sex couples. The LegalPerson team sees each couple through the same set of eyes and has a strong history of successfully completing newborn and step-parent adoptions for same-sex couples. With the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, family law has changed quite a bit for same-sex couples. LegalPerson helps many same-sex families to achieve peace in their lives either through the completion of an adoption or the finalization of a divorce. 


Our LegalPerson team researches every case to determine if there is new case law to support your position. Above all, we believe in creating the very best environment for a child. At LegalPerson, we work tirelessly through your adoption process to resolve parenting plan issues and achieve results that are in the best interests of each child.


Although, the playing ground is leveling out for all people, there are still some bumpy areas in family law such as the timing of the marriage, civil unions and pre-marital property. The staff at LegalPerson treats each person uniquely in their situation but equally in nature to the next with a focus on guiding clients through their individual circumstance.

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