Engaging in discussions regarding paternity and custody rights while navigating Florida law can be emotional and overwhelming. LegalPerson works with you to help you understand how the law works, the impact to your individual parenting rights, and how related issues such as time-sharing and child support also affect the outcome of paternity and child custody cases.

Children often feel displaced during this time. Negotiating and establishing a positive parenting plan that works for all parties is critical to the children who are ultimately impacted by the outcome of these legal proceedings.  

Our LegalPerson team understands the sensitivity of paternity and child custody arrangements. Our successful history of establishing positive and productive arrangements that work for all parties involved while keeping the interests of the child first.

Ashley [Filimon] assisted me with a Termination of Parental Rights case followed by an adoption. Ashley [Filimon] was knowledgeable, supportive and always kept you well-informed. She provided all the options and allowed you to decide what was best for you. She didn't try to string you along in order to run up the bill. I can't imagine using anyone else. Do yourself a favor and go see Ashley [Filimon]. You won't be disappointed!





LegalPerson works with our clients to help you understand Florida law and how it might affect your individual parenting rights, and how related issues such as time-sharing and child support also affect paternity cases.

Our LegalPerson experts fight for you and the best interests of the children involved. We don't stop there. Our focus is negotiating a strong parenting plan while providing you with sound legal advice.

LegalPerson delivers prompt attention to every legal issue and filing obligation that arises throughout the process while keeping you informed along the way.




One of the most important parts of the process involved with establishing paternity and custody rights is developing a parenting plan. A successful parenting plan is one that works for all parties. 

At LegalPerson, we understand that many parenting relationships involve people who are no longer "together" and that each individual has his or her own idea of what a strong parenting plan should look like.

Our team of experts have worked with several families to fight for a fair and cohesive parenting plan that puts the child first. This ensures a child's life continues to offer stability, security and a solid foundation to grow with the least amount of disruption in their life.

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