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Faced with either the possibility or reality of divorce, LegalPerson clears the uncertainty of divorce and educates you on your rights under Florida law. Our LegalPerson team holds over 30 years of combined legal expertise. Our team of legal experts help you assess your assets and outline your options as we guide and advise through every step of your divorce.

Specializing in negotiating the division of marital and non-marital assets, we hold a strong history of establishing child custody arrangements. We also realize not every marriage may involve children. This doesn't diminish the difficulties of a divorce. 

Our team is accustomed and experienced in working through the most difficult divorce cases as well as simply being a guiding support through those that are amicable. Regardless of circumstance, LegalPerson works personally with each client to achieve the most effective and successful legal outcome possible.


- Phoebe D.

Going through a divorce is never easy and Ashley [Filimon] (along with everyone that I interacted with in her office) helped me through each and every step of the process. She answered my many questions with patience and clarity and I never felt that I was bothering her - instead I always felt that she understood and wanted to make sure I was comfortable concerning the difficult steps that were ahead of me. There are so many attorneys out there and I consider myself lucky to have found Ashley [Filimon]. Thank You!!!




The turmoil of dividing property, establishing a parenting plan and establishing child support is stressful. LegalPerson is a family law firm focused on your family and achieving the best result for you.

Our LegalPerson team relates to our clients by inquiring about your family traditions, fears and your desires for the future. By learning these things, we are better able to represent your interests as your legal advocate.

Children are accustomed to tradition and by their very nature require attention and lots of hard work. When parents divorce, it is important to maintain a sense of stability for the children involved. Stability for children of a divorce can be achieved through a strong parenting plan.

A parenting plan should be developed by working closely with all parties to capture the routines and needs of all parties. The LegalPerson team listens to their clients' concerns and needs to make each parenting plan express the lives of the parties, which is something that no court form can do own its own.

There are plenty of financial and property issues in a divorce. Many clients have questions about which of their assets is marital and non-marital. The length of the marriage and the circumstances of employment can affect any support awarded to a spouse. Our LegalPerson team assesses each case from a full perspective with regard to your current assets and what is needed to finalize your divorce and still be able to succeed after the divorce.




Some divorces are amicable but the parties are uncomfortable navigating court alone. Our LegalPerson team is happy to assist contested or uncontested divorce parties in their filing and completion of the divorce. It is important to have an attorney review divorce paperwork. Never sign and file an agreement without first getting the opinion of a divorce attorney.

Although the agreement is usually equitable and fair, many times there can be small details missing that cause issues in court or later in life. Unfortunately, the agreement can also be extremely unfair to one party and may be difficult or even impossible to modify later.


Each case is different — that's why we believe in free consultations. During our initial meeting, your LegalPerson attorney will listen to you, explain the current state of affairs, and then ask appropriate questions about your future before offering any legal advice.

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