A child's guardian holds an enormous amount of responsibility and power. Because children are vulnerable by nature, our legal system is setup to ensure that the highest screening and compliance is upheld before, during, and after granting guardianship authority. 

Regardless of whether you are in a position of fighting against or for legal guardianship, it is the court that makes the final guardianship decision. LegalPerson's Orlando child guardianship lawyers Ashley Filimon and Allison Evans assist guardianship clients in putting the proper evidence in front of the court to achieve the best outcome available.

These expert family law attorneys will lead you through the necessary steps and filings required to obtain legal guardianship status of your children.  

Ms. Ashley [Filimon] from day one was proactive. Her amazing knowledge leads her to make the right suggestions and decisions. She always kept us informed of everything going on with the case. She went over and beyond expectations. What I saw in Ms. Ashley [Filimon], I've never seen in any other attorney. She cares for what she does and especially cares for the children.





The Florida courts no longer use the term "custody." Instead, Florida follows a time-sharing model that is facilitated through a parenting plan. Our LegalPerson attorneys work with our clients to complete time-sharing plans and parenting agreements that are mutually beneficial for each parent and child.

The family law experts understand that you love your children and want to spend as much time as possible with them. We also understand that children need both of their parents to feel whole and to grow into healthy adults. Our approach to each case is to find the right balance — one that fosters great emotional health for the child while satisfying both parents' needs to be with the child.

LegalPerson accomplishes this for many clients by presenting possible outcomes, considering current schedules, and problem-solving with you to achieve the best possible balance for everyone.




 Our number one goal at LegalPerson is the ensure the child's best interest is served.  Sometimes, a parent's presence may not be the healthiest or most positive influence in a child's life because of repeated incarceration, sexual predator status or outright violence and disrespect for society.

When this is the case, our LegalPerson team strongly advocates for the child. We believe that no child should have to be exposed to violence, abuse, or neglect and we stop at nothing to have his or her safety considered by the courts.

Our child advocacy focus is what makes LegalPerson a five-star rated family law firm in central Florida. To learn more about our client reviews, visit our testimonials page and see how our LegalPerson team has helped. 

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