LegalPerson has worked closely as an advocate for families threatened by losing their children to foster care. As an expert liaison between our clients and the Department of Children and Families (DCF), our primary goal is to secure the safety of the child first - always.

Although DCF prefers to place children in the temporary custody of a relative rather than foster care, there are very specific requirements in determining if a relative is eligible to be granted temporary custody.


The moment I spoke with Mrs. Ashley [Filimon] over the phone on her weekend off, she won me over. If that wasn't enough, when I actually met her in person, Mrs. Ashley [Filimon] immediately took action. She proceeded to call the County court to inquire who the Judge would be in order to better prepare herself for my case. I was very impressed with her actions that day. Mrs. Ashley [Filimon] not only took care of my case, but she also was very passionate about how to handle the case properly.



With LegalPerson by your side, we help you work through the various court required documents that help ensure temporary custody is not revoked as a result of misappropriate or lack of appropriate custody filings.  

We work swiftly and efficiently to help maintain a sense of stability and security for the child. From working with the Probate Office, to filing a Petition for Appointment, to being present with you in front of a judge should temporary custody or legal guardianship is being contested.

Our LegalPerson team takes the burden off of you as we handle these requirements and help you through the entire process.

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