Many times when a divorce is finalized, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is established by the courts. Both parties are left with the responsibility of following the regulations involving QDRO by their individual financial plan or company in addition to adhering to the legal standards that need to be applied to each QDRO completion. 

Our LegalPerson team works with the individuals and company plan administrators to draft and execute a QDRO that complies with each final judgment of divorce. Reviewing each QDRO individually and applying the necessary components, LegalPerson guides you through the process painlessly and efficiently.

If you are divorcing and need a QDRO or if you are already divorced and seeking a QDRO to disburse retirement funds, contact our LegalPerson team to schedule a free consultation.


Mrs. Filimon represented me during a very challenging time in my life. She was very professional and supportive. Although the circumstances couldn't be changed, it brought me great comfort knowing that I was working with a Legal representative that would help meet my needs.