At times it may be necessary to amend an existing parenting plan, child custody arrangement, or divorce asset allocation. These modifications of agreement may start small with slight changes to date and time visitation arrangements while more in-depth modifications may result in a "contested" status where neither party can come to an agreement. This requires the need for a court hearing.

LegalPerson attorneys, Ashley Filimon and Allison Evans passionately fight for your rights.  The Legal Person team comes together to ensure all steps in a modification of agreement are taken care of on your behalf.


I was looking for an attorney to represent me in my child custody/ modification case after my recent divorce. I could not ask for a better Attorney!! Ashley's skills and knowledge about the law was very impressive. Ashley [Filimon] was, attentive, understanding and aggressive as I needed for Ashley to represent me in my case. She also kept in contact with me through text and email in a timely manner when ever I had a question. 



A court-approved modification is required if one of the parents is planning to move 50 or more miles away from the location of his or her primary residence at the time the existing order was issued. The court wants to be sure that the minor child is still able to see his or her other parent and that the move is in his or her best interests.

LegalPerson addresses the issues directly to deliver the anticipated message to the court before the court asks.  Our proactive approach prevents unnecessary delays in securing any necessary adjustments to your current agreement.

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